John Maerz B.A.

John Maerz is an author, professional speaker and instructor with a specialization in psychological study. He has worked as a counselor and as a case manager with teen substance abuse in social services and in child protection. John a seasoned personal coach, adviser and lecturer and has a diverse background in the human potentials field incorporating personality influences, shadow work, nutritional needs, creative expression and personal desires while uncovering innate abilities and hidden potentials for his clients.

Mr. Maerz’s life experience and teaching experience extends into philosophy and the eastern arts including Tae Kwon Do, Chi Kung and T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He is dedicated toward raising awareness while sharinghis own unique understandings and perspectives about life’s journey and meaning. He recognizes the need for balance and accountability on our mental, physical and emotional levels as well as fulfilling our spiritual potential through acknowledging and incorporating our individual experiences.

Mr. Maerz has published nine books. The fifth is entitled "ENERGIZING SELF-TRUST: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power." It not only covers ways to reclaim your power but also facilitates exposing and disarming harmful childhood patterns that inhibit our ability to regain and use our Self-Trust and build our Confidence. It is applicable with or without the assistance of a therapist. Also available are a workbook, CD and MP3 of an introductory class.

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The sixth book, “OUT OF THE BOX: 7 Steps for Raising a Self-Directing Child,” was just be released. It covers the seven perspectives necessary to allow a child to develop his or her own ability to direct their lives and make their own decisions. It also discusses why the parent may have difficulty allowing the child to be come more independent and offers suggestions for how to ease their disconnect. To read more on the book description CLICK HERE

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